A note from our Director of Operations, Marcie Solomon – Blog Host Jonathan

From Marcie Solomon, the PSO Director of Operations, and person in charge of all the fun parts of putting a concert together:

"If you do get to attend this weekend’s concerts take some time to absorb the stage set-up for Foreign Bodies.  This piece calls for a large orchestra set-up with many instruments we often don’t see.  This includes nine low gongs that we had to bring in all the way from San Francisco!"

You can take a look at the video footage of Salonen talking about Foreign Bodies on our main website:

click here to watch video

Also, this weekend is kick-off concert weekend for Patron Appreciation Month.  The concerts this weekend will start off with curtain speeches where Orchestra Musicians acknowledge and applaud our patrons.  It’s great to see the applause travelling in the opposite direction from usual 🙂

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