Off they go! – blog host Jonathan

The Orchestra set out for the West Coast today, some of them leaving on airport shuttles from Heinz Hall this afternoon.

Of course, the rest of us here at the PSO are sorry to see them go and are somewhat jealous – But we still came out to wish them a Bon Voyage!

Among those on the outward-bound bus: Oboeist, Jim Gorton; Violinist, Yuko Uchiyama, intrepid WQED presenter, Jim Cunningham, and PR Manager, Nicole Cerrillos (with Personnel Manager, Kelvin Hill, smiling away in the background).

However, Heinz Hall doesn’t lay dormant while the orchestra’s away… (see below for more pictures)

A view of the stage with rigging lowered from the heavens so the crew can load lighting and backdrops.

Stage Technical Director, Mike Karapandi, discusses the stage set-up process with Billy Weaver, one of our Stage Technicians.

They’re setting up for two Broadway shows that will run in Heinz Hall over the next two weeks: Riverdance and Sweet Charity.

Both shows require a number of extra stage-hands to help with the preparations and running of scene-changes each night.

And all of this takes place under the watchful eye of the Pirate!

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