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Some shots taken from backstage ahead of the live recordings of this weekend’s concerts.
Also, next week look out for some video footage of the recording process from Bob Lauver – he’s been spotted a number of times roaming around the backstage area with his camera…

<~~The Steinberg recordings from the 1960’s…

and the Heinz Hall Green Room, converted into a temporary recording studio for the producers from PentaTone ~~>

<~~The mixing desk in the recording studio – notice the labels below each channel (white rectangular button).  They are used to control levels on the microphones that are picking up different sections of the orchestra.

A close-up on one of those microphones hanging above the stage~~>

<~~ and a view of the Heinz Hall auditorium from stage.  If you look closely you can see the suspended microphones – some of which will be picking up ‘ambient audience’ noise…  Yes, if you come to Heinz Hall, your loud ‘Bravo’ may just make it on to one of our recordings 🙂

More pictures to come soon!

2 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of our live recordings… – Blog Hosts”

  • Excellent photos! Gives me fond memories seeing the inside of Heinz Hall again.
    Isn’t there a permanent recording booth there, or is one in the works?

  • Thanks Steve!
    There is a recording booth up in the rafters of the building (will try to get some snaps of that some-time or other) but it’s not practical as a recording/editing studio that the guys from PentaTone need – especially with the need for Maestro Janowski to be listening to playback after rehearsals etc.
    Talking of which – there’ll be more photos posted by the end of the week and then Bob Lauver has promised his video-blog will arrive soon… 🙂

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