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Beginning with this first post of the New Year,
keep an eye out for regular news from the twisted inside perspectives of your
three PSO Blog Hosts: Kevin, Jonathan, and Jeff. Tune in to our blog for nitty gritty
behind-the-scenes dirt with a casual twist.

Surfing around the blogosphere today, I noticed a new blog hosted
by PSO friend and volunteer John Nemaric. John and celebrated historian Hax McCullough are working together to create an
illustrated history of the PSO – a feat that Hax recently accomplished for the
Pittsburgh Opera. To properly tackle
this project, I imagine John will have to spend some time with rolled up
sleeves searching through ancient file cabinets in our underground storage
facility affectionately known by PSO staffers as “K-Mart.” “K-Mart,” located directly beneath Heinz Hall,
was originally intended to be a mini performance hall which, due to funding
circumstances decades ago, currently serves as a concrete cave in which we
store a slew of archived materials from old brochures to props used in children’s
concerts. The dusty yet ornate stairwell
descending into “K-Mart” provides a glimpse of what may one day be a glorious
recital hall or black box theatre.

I wish John the best as he continues to build his blog. You can begin to learn a bit about John by
visiting his website

3 thoughts on “New Year = New Blog – Blog Host Jeff”

  • Good question Chester!
    It’s actually going to be a combination of movements from both suites that Maestro Remmereit has put together:
    Arabian Dance
    Morning Mood
    Ase’s Death
    Peer Gynt’s Homecoming
    Solveijg’s Song
    Anitra’s Dance
    In the Hall of the Mountain King
    Hope that helps.

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