The Gang’s all here… – Bob Lauver

The next "stop" on the tour is here in Philly.  The orchestra now waits
until the green light to board the next flight in our journey.

We go from here to Frankfurt (one of the sausage cities, along with
Braunsweig, Hamburg, and the Italian honorable mention Bologna).  When
we transfer to our final flight that gets us to Athens, Greece we only
have a few more hours before our bus trip to Patras is complete….

….two days later…..The Patras concert is in the history books, I
think the PSO upheld the pride and support of Pittsburgh nicely, and as
an added bonus the patrons got to see us strip twice!!  Once to get
into our concert clothes and again to get into our civies.  I guess
ancient Greeks weren’t too concerned about changing facilities, the
only thing between them and our Calvin Kleins was the warm
Mediterranean breeze.  Changing facilities aside, the venue was
incredibly unique. I’ll find out more about its origins and fill in the
blank that I’m leaving here.Dscf0004

Now we’re in Dublin, and when I say "we" now I’m adding my wife and
three children.  Marina (my wife) has an Aunt and Uncle and a cousin
who live in Thomastown, about two hours away from Dublin.  They flew
straight to Dublin when the orchestra left Pittsburgh and I met them at
the train station after they visited the relatives in Thomastown.
Madeline, Lily and Sophie (my three amazing daughters) fell in love
with two Jack Russel Terriers that allowed them to stay in their great
cottage, and now are campaigning heavily to acquire a pair.  Our two
geriatric Dalmatians will have to suffice for now.  As controversial as
bringing my family along on a tour is (there is already plenty to do
just with the business-as-usual of touring), I am really glad they’re
here. Now if they’ll just go to sleep!!

Tomorrow we rehearse and perform in the National Concert Hall across
the street from our hotel.  Slatkin is proving to be a serendipitous
bonus for us, last night’s perfomance of the Brahms was pretty darned
fun.  I’m glad that this tour wasn’t canceled due to Maestro Davis’
surgery.  I trust we’ll be seeing Sir Andrew again soon, chipper as
ever. Until then, he can trust that his well-oiled machine is still
purring along…….next stop, Cardiff.

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