Minor adjustments – Alison Fujito

I didn’t realize until now that the incision from the surgery is
right where my violin shoulder rest likes to sit.  This means that I am
now trying various combinations of different shoulder rests and chin
rests.  So far, what seems to work the best is a new shoulder rest that
I ordered from Southwest Strings; it’s called the PSR–the "Perfect
Shoulder Rest." It doesn’t look like much–it’s basically a black
sponge with a rubber band–but it has a nice cut-out right where it
sits on my shoulder, and since it’s sponge, it’s much softer on my
incision than my former (hard) shoulder rest.

Lifting the shoulder UP to hold the violin is a common bad habit
among violinists.  At least, I won’t have to worry about that
developing–it hurts to lift my shoulder up.

There’s always a silver lining…

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  • Sorry to see your post about your shoulder! Hope all is better now…since last post was several months ago. Drop me a line.

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