‘Til, we meet again… – Bob Lauver

A rather short summer has passed, thousands of miles have been driven, soon thousands more will be flown.

There has been a recurring theme to the season’s posts (this is
still part of the 05-06 season).  The theme seems to be that the only
constant is change.  The most recent manifestation of the axiom comes
with the arrival of Leonard Slatkin to stand in for Sir Andrew Davis
who is undergoing some urgent surgery (we’re all wishing for a full and
speedy recovery).

If that wasn’t enough drama, the horn section had a bit of its own.
Bill Caballero our resident wunder-dude, got himself a serious
infection.  It felt for all the world to him like pneumonia, so he went
to a hospital to get checked out.  Luckily after his treatment and
quite a few x-rays it was determined that his ailment was a bronchial
infection and the doctor gave Bill the green light for the tour, or at
least that is the story we got……for all we know, Bill’s about to
keel over and he blew off his doctor’s advice!!  I think he would have
found about any way he could to be on this tour. 

The horn section is capable of dealing with anything that comes
along, but we all were breathing a happy sigh of relief that Bill was
cleared to go to Europe (both out of concern for him and for our own
selfish reasons). Steve Kostyniak is here and working like a dog…..a
very talented horn-playing dog.  He was good naturedly ready to take on
whatever was needed in the event that Bill was red-lighted this
afternoon, including sitting down in the hot seat for Til Eulenspiegel
this morning when Bill hadn’t made it to the hall by 5 minutes before
the rehearsal.  Bill made it.  The fact is, with all the hospital
visits and doctor appointments along with his nasty illness, Bill
hadn’t played a note for 5 days.  He arrived under the wire, no warm-up
which meant that the first notes out of his horn after five days of not
playing were in the opening solo in Til.  All I can say is that knowing
how much he normally practices and also how great he sounded……..he
could save a lot of time by practicing less……he sounds fantastic!

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