PSO @ PSU–a video-blog

The PSO’s visit to Penn State last month was a big success.  The
students seemed energetic and involved.  You’ll see that in the

I do wish that there were more people witnessing the events of those
two days, maybe next time.  Everybody who was there seemed genuinely

The trip for me was extremely fun, partly because I had a couple of
side-missions.  One of the missions was to hook up with a fellow
unicyclist from the area for some riding, and the other was to visit a
BBQ place that Bill and I stumbled across on a run-out to IUP earlier
this season.  Both missions get represented in the video, although most
of the riding (all of it from State College) hit the cutting room

I think that the real value of side-by-side events is visible on the
faces of the students.  Look for it in the video.  The video is around
4′ 08"……….precisely the length of the 3rd mvt of Mozart 40….and
that was the piece prepared by the side-by-side participants from Penn
State.  The version I used was from a live performance of the PSO in

Here’s the video:  Download psopsu_vidblog.wmv

1 thought on “PSO @ PSU–a video-blog”

  • Bob-
    This is fantastic! What a wonderful record of the experience. You know it’s a well-done video when, as a viewer, you laugh, smile- and get hungry for BBQ- all within 4 minutes.
    Great job!

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