A “Love” fest – Bob Lauver

A very exciting week is shaping up at work.  Great music, great soloist, great conductor.

We’re premiering a work by Reza Vali called The Being of Love.  It’s
really visceral in approach and demands the talents of a terrific
singer.  The soloist for the work is Michelle DeYoung.  Deyoung_michelleFrom
the first rehearsal I knew we were in for a treat.  She sang the first
section of the fifth movement with dramatic flair, lots of body
communication that was totally blended with her music, not put on or
out of place in any way.  We also had the benefit of her facing us for
the rehearsal, what a powerful instrument she has.  I’ll have to study
up on the work because looking at the title on my second horn part
tells me its the 16th part of a song cycle.  There must be more of his
stuff out there on CD, gotta find some.  If there’s not I could see a
very worthwhile collaborative project.  Here’s a link to Vali talking
about the piece:  Vali speaks about "The Being of Love"

I apologize for the narrow and skewed perspective that I post from,
but I figure that in time I’ll be phased out of the blog and that
you’ll get the whole picture from the perspectives of many.  That way I
don’t have to talk about too much stuff that I know nothing about.  Now
here’s something that I know very well…..Bill Caballero is one
incredible horn player.   So much has been said about the guy, you
should just come hear him play.  Tchaik 5…….Bill Caballero…………..priceless. 

Our conductor for the week is also conducting one program on an
upcoming East Coast Tour.  His name is Manfred Honeck and comes to us
with lots of exciting buzz from our Vice President of Artistic
Planning, Bob Moir.  Personally when somebody is this good I try not to
get my hopes up, they tend to get snapped up pretty quickly….case and
point, Vladimir Jurowski.  Honeck seems to have a very good mix of
technique and musicality, and a mind that is profoundly impressive.  He
has yet to open the score for either the Tchaikovsky 5 or the Mozart
40, yet is able to communicate starting places by measure number,
rehearsal number and tempo marking with 100% accuracy.  I’ve seen this
gift a few times, but never with so little pretentiousness surrounding
it.  It’s basically a very efficient convenience that just adds to his
artistic appeal.   I hope that there are good crowds for the concerts
this week – this shouldn’t be missed.

2 thoughts on “A “Love” fest – Bob Lauver”

  • ahh Bob, we’d never want to phase you out! Too much juicy detail from the back-stage 🙂
    It is truly amazing to see 100 musicians collectively playing something for the very first time. The Vali piece is astounding, and the way you guys play it; truly remarkable.
    I know Reza Vali has a bunch of CD’s of his work. Not entirely sure how much of the song cycle is recorded, however. It would be amazing if we were able to record this latest installment with Michelle. A real testament to contemporary composition.

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