Appreciation – Bob Lauver

A lot is said in this blog about the many levels of appreciation we can
have for what the PSO gives to us.  Just hearing the music (truly great
music), delving deeper into a work by study or listening, having the
joy of accompanying someone who is experiencing the PSO for the 1st

This month it’s Patron Appreciation Month at Heinz Hall.  A time for
us all to reflect on the reason that this great musical organization is
even possible…….our patrons.  I’d like to thank everyone who comes
to hear us play and then expresses their desire to become a part of the
PSO family through Annual Fund donations,  others who have been fans of
the PSO over the years and have moved away from Pittsburgh, and still
others who give generously and are actively committed to the future of
the PSO through volunteering.

A long time ago I stood on the stage of Heinz Hall and told a story
about my mother’s lack of musical "self-esteem".  She would regularly
tell me that she knew next to nothing about classical music, while
subscribing and attending every concert that she could get to.  I
maintain that she knows all she needs to know…….that she likes it.
Like my mother’s perception of her "knowledge" of music, I think that
many patrons undervalue their contribution to the PSO.  Absolutely
everybody makes a difference, everybody is important, everybody has a
real role in making the PSO special.  I know this every time I look up
from my place on the stage and see you all up there ready to start the
dialog we call a concert……it really starts from you…….thanks.

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