Harping on… – Bob Lauver

This week the orchestra is split into two parts.  One half is at Heinz
Hall rehearsing and performing PSO Pops, and the other half is playing
a chamber concert at the JCC in Squirrel Hill, and than taking that
concert to Penn State on Thursday night.

Since I’m in the half that’s playing the chamber concert, I’ll let
you know what we’re up to.  The pieces that I’m involved with are
Wagner’s Siegfreid Idyll, and Mozart’s Symphony #33 in B flat.  Gretchen
our principal harpist is featured in this concert, too.  I don’t know
how many harps she has, but the one she is playing the concert tonight
on is really beautiful.  I’ve never seen a harp painted so colorfully
and tastefully.  She said that when she got delivery of the harp she
found a bag filled with lavender, purple hair accessories, and other
very violet things sitting on her chair at work.  That’s the color
scheme of the instrument……I wonder if she’ll accessorize

I’ll be driving with Bill Caballero
to Penn State on Thursday.  During a run-out concert earlier in the
season we drove to California, PA together and stumbled across a great
BBQ place, Mitchell Brothers, on the way.  We are planning on making a
return visit there Thursday to have a late lunch and load Bill’s heated
"cooler" with some after concert eats. 

On Friday the orchestra has a Side-by-Side rehearsal/concert with
PSU students.  That’s where the orchestra rehearses and performs a work
with the students seated within the orchestra (side-by-side). This is
the first time we’ve taken this concept out of Heinz Hall.  The events
(the concert and the side-by-side) are a mini-residency at PSU.  I
think that the PSO is trying to foster new relationships with
universities in the state, so I imagine we’ll be doing this again!  I’m
looking forward to it.

Another thing that I’m going to try to fit in on Friday afternoon is a ride on my muni
(that’s unicycle geek lingo for an off-road unicycle……I’m a
unicycle geek).  I know of a couple of people on a message board forum
that are riders in the Penn State area and I’m going to try to hook up
with them.  I also just heard from our webmaster that the kinks have
been worked out of the video-blog approval system, so I’ll probably
have a little viddy of the week together before too long.  To be

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