Everly POPs the 50’s – Chuck Lirette

Pops with Jack Everly:

This weeks pops concert is a joy to play. Each time Jack Everly
comes to town you can bet that it will be a professional, varied and
entertaining program. He is fun to work with and the talent that
accompanies him is always first rate. This time it’s Karen Murphy and
Sara Kramer and both are very talented and versatile. The rehearsals
are relaxed and efficient. Jack treats us with respect and in return we
are in awe of his amazing showmanship, humor, and warmth.

show this week features music of the 1950s and it brings back wonderful
memories of those early days of television, rock n roll, game shows and

week the concert is a classical one involving an orchestral concerto by
J. Higdon and a great piece by G. Mahler entitled “Das Lied von Erde”
(the “Song of the Earth"). The variety and contrast from week to week is
certainly refreshing and challenging!


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