Music for the Spirit – Lawrence Loh

St. Paul’s Cathedral is a beautiful space, with tall ceilings,
awe-inspiring structures and a wonderful visual setting for an
installment of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s Music for the Spirit
series!  Haydn’s Creation was presented last Wednesday to a very packed
house and it was a wonderful opportunity for the Pittsburgh Symphony to
build bridges into the Catholic community. 

The soloists were quite amazing, particularly Bass-Baritone John
Relyea – his expressive voice really delivered in this space!  I was
pretty worried about the acoustics during the rehearsals – being too
live or echoy for the listener to understand the text, especially from
the choir.  The acoustics are far from ideal, but in the end, the many
bodies in the cathedral soaked up a significant amount of the extra

It was nice to hear a religious work like Haydn’s Creation in a
place like St. Paul’s Cathedral – -you hear it differently than you do
in a concert hall.  I got the sense that a higher percentage of the
people in this audience were listening to the text from a spiritual
perspective than the average audience.

Talking of which, I spoke with a few people from the Cathedral and
the Orchestra at the concert and will be posting some of their concert
feedback here over the next few days.  Keep your eyes peeled!

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