Bumps in the vid-blog road… – Bob Lauver

Well…..seems like just a post or two ago I was enjoying sinking my
teeth into the busiest part of the season and now I’m really hungry for
more playing.  Practicing at home just doesn’t cut it….put me in the

Martin Luther King Day was the first day back for me after a long
holiday break augmented by some fortuitous section rotation.  Our horn
section is always chomping at the bit to play.  It seems that any time
there’s an opportunity to rotate someone off because of pieces not
requiring all of us, we’re all saying, "give so-and-so some time off,
I’d like to play".  We’re approaching a stretch of our season that has
week after week of big rep.  Take a look at the PSO website and you’ll get an idea of what I mean.

I’m wondering how practical the video-blog concept is going to be,
it’s very hard to get off the ground.  The process thus far is this: 

1)  I walk around with my video camera getting shots of things that
people might not see from the perspective of being an audience member.

2)  I get home and capture the video from the camera onto my hard drive.

3)  I look at all the video and determine a flow, or a continuous idea that might work for a short (2-3mins) movie.

4)  Edit together the footage that works, trying not to get anything
particularly unflattering to anybody in the video (some people
absolutely do not want to appear on camera…..I understand completely).

5)  Put in appropriate transitions and background music (the trickiest part of the whole project).

6)  Submit the video-blog to the PSO’s internet oversight committee
and the orchestra committee (they tend to be busy with lots of very
important matters) for approval. 

7)  Receive approval (hopefully) and post the video here.

It’s a cumbersome process and if it does go forward, I’m sure that
there will have to be some rules established to streamline it in the
future.  Right now the sticking point seems to be the use of live
performance recordings from the PSO archive as background music.  It’s
a complex issue.  Let me give you an example.  Right now there’s a
video being considered that has music from our recent performance of
Daphnis and Chloé conducted by Tortelier.  The video is about 2′ 19"
long and I chose the music primarily because it was a section of the
piece with a definitive stopping point that served as a nice finish to
the movie.  The Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh is singing in this
excerpt.  Aside from contractual issues involving the use of music in
news/publicity projects, it has to be determined whether permission
from MC of P needs to be obtained, or whether the contract between the
PSO and the MCof P covers the use of the performance for things like
the video-blog.  In any case, the musicians involved need to be
credited and thanked.  I guess with any new venture there is a learning
curve……I sincerely hope that there’s no dead-end after the curve. 

1 thought on “Bumps in the vid-blog road… – Bob Lauver”

  • Directors Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg should be in awe of Lauver’s video essay about Doc Severensen’s encounter with the PSO. Then again, I hear that Rob Reiner plays a mean Til Eugenspiegel horn solo.
    Hopefully the copyright “bumps” can emerge unscathed from the legal morass. Keep filming.

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