don’t miss hearing blue cathedral – Peter Greer

Don’t miss blue cathedral this weekend.  It will be an
incredible journey.  If your reaction is like mine, it is a piece you
will want to hear over and over again.

I am a big fan of Jen Higdon’s blue cathedral that the PSO will
perform this weekend.  Our composer of the year wrote it several years
ago. It really launched her career as a composer, and the fact that
many orchestras are performing it these days suggests that  it is
resonating with the musicians and audiences who experience it.  I heard
it performed last season by the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra conducted
by Andre Raphael Smith.  It’s a piece that is stunningly original but
can easily be enjoyed on first hearing.  After hearing it gloriously
performed in Wheeling, I told Bob Moir that he just had to hear this
piece by Higdon.  With a twinkle in his eye, he told me Jen Higdon
would be our composer of the year in 05-06 and that blue cathedral was
on the schedule.    
blue cathedrat is very spatial, and in her presentation to the
Friends of the PSO yesterday evening, Jen said the cathedral she was
imagining as she wrote the piece was located somewhere in heaven.  It
helped her cope with the loss of her brother to cancer.   I can tell
you that, had I not known what the piece was about, I think the odds
are at least even that I would have guessed it was about a cathedral.
Hearing new music is a very special occasion especially composed by a
talent like Higdon.  Jen’s music is not only interesting but
communicates in very powerful ways.  She is about to start concertos
for both Hillary Hahn and Lang Lang.   I’m not surprised that artists
of their caliber want to participate in spreading Higdon’s magical
music.  Our very own Peter Sullivan, principal trombone, will be
premiering her tombone concerto later this season.  i can hardly wait!!!

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