Where have I been?? – Lawrence Loh

First of all, my thoughts and prayers are with the family and
friends of Martin Smith.  I didn’t have the chance to meet him, but I
did get to hear his beautiful playing during the opening weeks of the

Where have I been since then?  After my whirlwind opening two weeks
with the PSO, I’ve been off and running.  Since July, my family and I
have been going from place to place, a few weeks at a time, and on
October 17th, we’ll finally be settling in PA!  I’m currently guest
conducting in Florida and have also made stops in Dallas and my season
opener with the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic…

I got a chance to work with the Pittsburgh Symphony earlier in
September, and it was the first time I worked with the orchestra. I
think the way I got hired here is unusual – the audition committee came
out to see me work with another orchestra (not the PSO) this past May,
and hired me on the basis of my musical results with that orchestra
after a week of rehearsals, as well as checking up on my references.
Because I hadn’t conducted the PSO before getting hired, there was a
little more pressure on my first appearance with the orchestra – – in a
way, it was sort of like an audition! I’m happy to report that I
survived and had a great time making music with the Pittsburgh
Symphony. I’m absolutely thrilled to be here!

When I come back to Pittsburgh next week, I’ll be conducting the PSO
in an anniversary concert for the KDKA radio station – – this will have
narrators, announcers, actors, small sets on the stage, plasma screens
hanging from the balcony and a bunch of other special guests. . .should
be an interesting week.

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