Way behind the scenes… – Bob Lauver

Often times the work we do is considered a hobby by people.  Probably
because it’s so enjoyable, the "work" factor is harder to see.  To be
honest I can’t count the number of times the question from somebody
after I mention "I play in the PSO" is "What do you do for a living?".
I try to explain the time and energy dedicated to the craft, then I
realize that I’m putting them to sleep so I stop.

I realize that it’s not important for anybody else to think it’s
work, in fact…..it’s much better if that thought doesn’t even enter
the minds of our listeners in my opinion.  Leave the work up to us, I

Maybe as a contrast to the "hobby-istic" nature of my work I will
present you with a glimpse of a couple of things that I do "for fun".
Besides real life that comes with having a family with 3 young
daughters, I fit in a few things to keep the mind and body firing on
all cylinders (most of the time).

Woodworking is something that seems to be totally complementary to
the schedule around work, and waits very well when the demands of the
job go up.  Here is an example of what I mean.  Here is a link to a
picture of a project that was started in 1997 (the year my oldest
daughter was born):


I had that bookcase in pieces until just a couple of weeks ago when
there was a vacation week.  The perfect opportunity to finish the
project……….8 years later.  I’ve done a few smaller projects in
that time, but because I’m a novice I waited until I developed a few
more skills before attempting to complete the work.  Wood waits very
patiently.  What’ll be next?

Now that link doesn’t look like anything connected to woodworking, which leads me to another hobby/addiction……unicycling.


Look through the gallery that this project picture is linked to and
you’ll get an idea of a couple of my "stress reducers".  Quite a bit of
fun, anybody want to come along?

Now, does playing in the PSO still look like a hobby?

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