On the Road, in the ‘pool – Bob Lauver

We’re split into two orchestras this week.  Half the orchestra is
rehearsing and performing as the PSO Chamber Orchestra with Andrés
Cárdenes, and the other half is in performances with Dan Meyer
conducting concerts in surrounding communities.

I’m in the Dan Meyer half of the orchestra.  We’re performing
"Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna" by von Suppe, a flute piece by
C.P.E. Bach featuring our piccolo player (on flute) Rhian Kenny.
That’s another example of the depth of the winds.  She sounds
terrific.  The remainder of the program is Dvorak’s Symphony #8.

We’ve played two performances so far, one at Mt. Lebanon High
School, and the other today up in Beaver Falls at Beaver Falls Middle
School.  That’s a bit of a hike, and I was the driver for our car pool
which included Zach Smith (horn), Craig Knox (our new tuba player),
Tommy Thompson (clarinet) and Suzanne Park (violin).  Suzanne’s
presence in the pool was a pleasant surprise, she and her husband are
renovating a house in Lawrenceville and are basically homeless.
Suzanne stayed in Mt. Lebanon with her brother- and sister-in-law, thus
the opportunity to jump into our "pool".  I could sense that the
subject matter of the conversation on the way to Beaver Falls was
tempered slightly in an attempt to spare our guest from our typical
boisterous no-holds-barred style.  The usual car pool during a
subscription week is me, Zach Smith, Ron Schneider, Phil Pandolfi,
Roger Sherman, and Craig Knox.  I think I’ve tipped my hand as to how
much I enjoy being a part of the PSO, but this car pool is a whole
‘nother perk!!  No matter what cloud might be hanging over anybody’s
head on a given day, by the time we get where we’re going in the car
pool, we all have belly-aches from laughing so hard.  Sometimes the
conversation might have a theme, other times it’s free-form with stream
of consciousness hilarity injected at every opportunity.  Whether I
speak or not, I enjoy every minute of the ride.  Today I enjoyed having
Tommy and Suzanne in the pool, but I must say I miss Ron, Phil, and
Roger who are playing on the other side of the split.  We have laughed
about remaining in the carpool even after we retire from the PSO, after
a while we’ll need one of those stretch Hummers to fit us all in.  The
other thing that we have noted is that any time someone is missing from
the pool, he gets talked about mercilessly by the remaining riders.
Tough crowd……..but fun.

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