My Dog Ate it…. – Bob Lauver

I had an entertaining post ready to put up late last night…..lots of
insight into last week’s Jurowski concerts…..but "NOOOO", said the
computer.  So instead, I watched Letterman and some World Series
baseball and called it quits.

Now I really don’t want to rehash the attempted posting, but I will say
a few things.  In my opinion, Jurowski is great.  Wouldn’t surprise me
to see him be at the top of the conductor world some day.  It makes me
nervous initially to see such a young person in front of us on a
subscription concert.  The orchestra has great expectations at all
times from our leadership, and it can be a struggle to pull off a great
performance with an inexperienced conductor.  This guy had the goods,
no doubt about it.  I’m eager to see him again with more big
repertoire.  That being said, I’m sure that there are completely
different views of the guy, his rehearsal technique was very pedantic.
That runs the risk of turning people off, but in his case the
performances kept a continuity to them.  Some conductors that stop and
go over stuff as much as Jurowski did end up with a performance that
feels sight-read, like it’s the first time through the piece as a whole
(which it is, actually).  Jurowski’s confidence was solidifying, and he
got good results, I think.

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