Entry #4 – Trom. Concerto – Jennifer Higdon

July 30

I’ve finally figured out the type of sound and thematic material
that I need for the faster music…after days and days of sketching and
writing and wringing my hands, I believe I have something that will be
interesting, both for the soloist and the orchestra…

One of the things I like to focus on as a composer, is making sure
that all the lines are interesting…some composers will have background
materials going on that aren’t “shaped”. I try to write every line with
a “profile” (shaping the line), something that makes the thematic
material or motive, sound interesting, even when it’s played by itself
with no other music playing.

I know now that I need some additional materials for an even faster
section, as I think I’ve got a form that will work, but which requires
two types of fast music (a fast and then faster scenario). Not all
composers come up with the shape of the form to put the music into, but
I’m more comfortable knowing at all times where I’m supposed to be
going in the music. The form will be a logical roadmap for the
performers and the audience…it orients the materials in a way that
creates an interesting flow…kind of like how a movie progresses…tension
in spots, release in other spots….moving from one idea to the next in
some manner that will keep everyone involved.

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