What’d you think? – Bob Lauver

What a night.  I’m exhausted and energized at the
same time.  Did you notice how slow the Star Spangled Banner was?  It’s
nice to have it treated like a piece of real music instead of something
to get through in order to begin a season…

The Pastoral Symphony is my "first" favorite Beethoven symphony.
That is to say it is the one that I fell in love with first.  I think
it had something to do with the horns, but I distinctly remember my
Karajan/Berlin CD just flooring me with the blend and terrific
playing.  From that moment on, I thought of the use of the oboe and the
flute together in an orchestration as a floboe.  A beautiful sound
built with the perfectly blended tones of two instruments……terrific
examples of that by Cynthia and Demarre (forgive me for the lack of an
accent……I haven’t figured out how to get the character map to work

About 5 minutes before the program began I was beginning to worry
that the place didn’t seem full.  Then people started streaming in to
fill in the red places up in the corners of the balcony.  We always
play for the people that are there, but there is something about a full
house that brings extra energy with it…….it was good to see the
place packed. 

My colleague Ron Schneider said to me after the concert, "Bob, you
took a bullet for me".  I wasn’t really sure what he was talking about
until he reminded me of the stiff breeze that came across the stage at
the exact moment the Wagner Tubas began playing in the Stravinsky.  His
music blew closed as he began playing.  That’s pretty much a death
sentence for Wagner Tuba because: #1; It takes two hands to handle that
whopper….and: #2; since the Wagner Tuba is used so rarely in the
repertoire, the music is unlikely to be memorized.  I saw the page go
and made a quick stab at turning it back which failed miserably.
Figuring Joe was playing the same notes that I was and would take up
the slack, I reached the "long arm of the Lauver" over and flipped
Ron’s page back to where it should have been about 10 bars ago.  He
finished up the Tuba lick and reached down for his horn and mouthed,
"thank you".  At the post-mortem in the car pool on the way home, he
‘fessed up that he had no idea where he was for several
bars………..I couldn’t tell.  If you hadn’t noticed, we have a lot
of fun in the horn section.  This is one of the hundreds of stories
that will be in our heads to rehash again in a while and laugh like it
was the first time we ever heard it………we do that a LOT!

Here’s to another season started with a BANG if you know what I mean!! :^)

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