Subscription week #2 – Bob Lauver

The rehearsals for this week’s program have been
going well.  We have the same conductor this week as we had last week
(Fruhbeck de Burgos).  He is really good.  It’s obvious that he enjoys
us and we enjoy him.  There are a few things that he does technically
that are very helpful, and I’ve never seen anybody do them before…

For instance the opening chords of the
Mendelssohn "Midsummer’s Night Dream" are notoriously difficult to play
together and with nice articulation (i.e. no accents).  The maestro’s
solution to this is to have us play after his downbeat by exactly half
a beat (like the "pah" part of "oompah").  It has made the opening
remarkably easy!  Again, there is a prominent display of his remarkable
memory and knowledge of the scores as he conducts the rehearsals
without referring to his music at all.  He even knows every word (in
Latin) to Carmina Burana.  The solo voices are great, the Mendelssohn
Chorus is terrific (as usual).  Should be a fun set of performances.
More to come.

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