Mendelssohn & Orff – Naomi Yoran

What was I thinking?

In anticipation to the concert this evening, I was sure we will be
treated to another contrast: The gentle Mendelssohn vs. The robust
Orff! What a surprise: It was the most amazing portray of both
composers. I had never heard such dramatic Midsummer Dream (without
loosing it’s delicacy…) and I had never heard such soft &
reflective Carmina burana (without loosing it’s power!)…

Only a great conductor (Bravo Maestro Fruhbeck de Burgos!!!) and a great orchestra (Bravo PSO!!!) and a great choir (Bravo Mendelssohn Choir!!!) can pull it together! I am still under the spell of this performance.

If not my early flight tomorrow morning, I would continue & muse
about these two composers & what I just discovered  they
share…Alas, it will have to wait a few days.

One thing is sure: I am addicted & I do not want any help, thank
you. Who needs drugs when you can get a "high" from live music? Oh, Fortuna!!!

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