Meaty Plate Postscript – Peter Greer

No disappointment on Friday (9/16/05).  It was a memorable evening!
The Pittsburgh principal players are to be commended for some
wonderful solos in both pieces – note perfect to be sure but more
importantly, with so much character in the playing. The brass –
especially in the Pastoral – was exquisite.  I heard Marek Janowski,
one of the members of our artistic troika, conduct the BSO in an
impressive Beethoven 2 at Tanglewood’s last weekend concert this

Unfortunately, the brass playing was not up to our standards that
night.  Blame it on the weather.  It is easy to take world-class
playing for granted until you hear something merely good.  I can hardly
wait to hear what Janowski does with the Eroica in Pittsburgh in March
’06. (3/24,25,26 – 2006)

At the Friday evening "talk-back" session in the Grand Tier
lounge following the concert, one of the PSO musicians who sat at my
table mentioned that Fruhbeck de Burgos not only conducted the concert
without a score but also that the he kept the score closed for most of
the rehearsals. 
Talk-backs are a nice way to share reactions after the concert
with fellow concert goers and musicians.  They are far more enjoyable
than sitting in the traffic lines waiting to exit the city.  The coffee
is not bad either.  It is nice to have Judi Cannava hosting these
events.  She has a critical ear for our orchestra, having edited the
PSO transcribed broadcasts for many years.

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