In The Beginning… – Jennifer Higdon

At the very start of the first appearance of music in the world, any
person banging a rock, a bone, sticks, or anything else, for that
matter, was a composer and a performer. After awhile, someone decided
to organize those sounds…to compose order, and that was the beginning
of composing. The fact is, everyone is a composer at some point in
their lives…just ask your parents about when you were young and you
used to bang on pots, pans, the table with your spoon, your cereal

well, just about anything. Composing is organizing sound. We have
lots of levels of sophistication for organizing, but every level is an
important one and every age of doing so is completely relevant to the
experience of life.

I guess this is my basic philosophy as an artist and as a composer.
I’m interested in all kinds of music and all kinds of sound
organization. And while I may find that I listen to certain types of
music more often than other types, I still have a fascination with all
music and all sorts of sound.

During my year here, we’ll have an interesting conversation about
composing, which is perhaps one of the most mysterious aspects of the
Classical Music Business. And I’m interested in all questions and
thoughts, because I learn as much from folks making comments and
inquiring about things.

I will also be posting a little diary that I’ve been keeping while
writing the Trombone Concerto for Pete. It’s a log that I started this
Summer when I first started sketching and follows the composition
through to its finish (it’s not finished yet, but it’s getting there).
So we’ll see if that sheds any light on the process.

And I look forward to reading some of David Stock’s observations and
postings. In general, this will be a nice adventure for all.

So here’s to beginnings….
-jennifer higdon

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