In anticipation of tonight’s concert – Naomi Yoran

After last week’s Grand Concert with the "monumental"
conductor Rafael Fruhbeck de Burgos, I can’t wait to be seated and
absorb the orchestra performing Mendelssohn & Orff. 

I suspect that we will be treated again to a contrast of music. (I start getting a feel for the conductor’s character…)

This time the gentle & romantic (almost chamber music in style)
of Mendelssohn will be followed with the powerful, robust & pagan
(again!!!) of Orff. How exciting! And of course, the partnership of the
PSO & the Mendelssohn Choir is legendary. (de Burgos must have a
sense of humor… the 2 Mendelssohns will meet on stage… saying hello
in the intermission…)

Let me add another personal note: So far I enjoyed reading the other
blogs. Especially the ‘behind the scene’ conversations. I consider
myself as a "closet groupie" & although I know personally a few PSO
musicians, (Just ask  Cynthia Koledo DeAlmeda or Linda Fisher… they
put up with me…) I am always curious of how they work & think
& relate to each other, to soloists & conductors etc. As far as
I know, except the submarine, a symphony orchestra is the most dense
physical environment to operate in! Let alone create such beauty &
delight!!! As an architect, even this fact still amazes me.

So tonight we will be treated to a most "physically dense" performance. How do they do it so perfect? 

I have no doubt that it will be perfect!  This is our PSO! (Let the
New York Philharmonic believe that they are better. They were great
yesterday night "live from Lincoln Center", but it is nothing to
compare to when the PSO is performing Mahler! )

Does any professional musical critic "ready for a fight"?

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