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Lorna McGhee: The Last Day

I can’t believe it’s the last day of the tour!  It’s been a very intense few weeks, and although the orchestra is really tired, there is generally a happy atmosphere as we head down the final furlong here in Munich. Last night was Danil Trifonov’s final performance with us. He is truly astounding, giving everything […]

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Jun 4

Where Are We Today?

Tonight’s concert at the Gasteig marked the end of four days of “travel & play” for the orchestra during this European Tour. A travel & play day is a day where the orchestra travels to a new city and plays a concert that same day. Sometimes that means the orchestra is only in a city […]

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Jun 3

Bob Lauver: A Reunion 38 Years in the Making

Last night’s concert was a reunion 38 years in the making!  A little background first:  I’m from Kalamazoo, Michigan, and had the great fortune to study with the man second from the left in this picture, Neill Sanders. A few of his many credits were playing principal horn in the London Symphony Orchestra when he […]

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Jun 2

Mikhail Istomin: Clay Soldiers and a Day in Lindau


The day off in Lindau was so welcome after grueling many days of traveling and performing and it could not of been a better spot to relax, reflect and take in the beauty nature. Even the weather cooperated and turned out to be a spectacular day. The night before, our concert in Bregenz Festspielehaus was […]

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Jun 1

A Day of Rest in Lindau

As the sun sets over the picturesque city of Lindau, Germany, on this Memorial Day, the members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra finish their last day off before the busy final week of the tour. This island town was the perfect quiet place to rest and recharge before pushing onto concerts in Basel, Switzerland, Brussels, […]

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May 30

Photos from Vienna

We leave beautiful, sunny Vienna today. It’s been a great three days in Vienna performing at the Musikverein with Martin Grubinger, Daniil Trifonov and Leonidas Kavakos! Onto Bregenz…

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May 29

Bob Lauver: Best Seat in the House

I have said it before that I have the distinct honor and privilege to  have the best seat in the entire orchestra, positioned where I am so close to all our amazing winds and brass and right next to the most thrilling talented and fun horn player in the world, Bill Caballero. Being in this […]

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May 28

Mikhail Istomin: Capturing a Moment in Time


I was seated in a cafe right on the plaza in front of the Alte Oper before our concert in Frankfurt. (No, I was not drinking beer..  Just having a cup of coffee…) An older gentleman at the next table asked me what time it was and when I answered in English he proceeded to tell me that […]

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May 27

Tatjana Mead Chamis: A Most Meaningful Concert


With a small stone in hand, I felt the full significance of my trip to Terezien, after a two-hour bus ride to the Czech Republic from Dresden, our latest concert stop. By Jewish tradition, stones are lain on graves as a symbol of the permanence of memory.  As I laid my stone on one of […]

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May 26

A Day in Terezin


On May 24, a small group of Pittsburgh Symphony musicians, staff and board members traveled to the small town of Terezin in the Czech Republic for a special purpose on a scheduled day off. From the Orel Foundation website: Terezin is a small town about an hour’s drive northwest of Prague, close to the convergence of […]

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May 25