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What exactly is :STEREO HIDEOUT:?

On next week’s FUSE concert, one of my :STEREO HIDEOUT: songs will be played by Beauty Slap, the vocalists and the Pittsburgh Symphony. What a thrill indeed. It was the perfect opportunity because the song samples the “Tuba Mirum” of Verdi’s Reqiuem, a movement that makes use of an augmented brass section. The four Beauty […]

Jan 21

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s FUSE@PSO Series Melds Music of Aaron Copland and Bon Iver on January 27

Special Guest Beauty Slap will perform several all-new arrangements of their music with the symphony FUSE@PSO, the genre-bending early evening concert series presented by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, returns Wednesday, January 27 to Heinz Hall with “Copland + Bon Iver with Special Guest Beauty Slap.” Series Creative Director Steve Hackman and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra […]

Jan 13

Where do you find these fantastic singers???

We have a fantastic trio of vocalists coming in to sing the Copland+Bon Iver at the January 27 FUSE@PSO concert. Two of them, Bill Prokopow (who performs as Will Post) and Kéren Tayár, you’ve seen before; Bill has sung in both the Brahms+Radiohead and Beethoven+Coldplay, and Kéren the former. Avery Leigh Draut will be making her […]

Jan 8

Creating the Beauty Slap + Pittsburgh Symphony Pieces

The fun and intriguing part of any FUSE@PSO concert is in the translation of music across mediums and genres — sounds that exist originally in one space and instrumentation are rearranged/recreated in another. Mostly this will mean music that lives originally in your headphones, in the club or at Stage AE are translated to be […]

Dec 16


On January 27, we will invite our first guest act of the FUSE@PSO series on stage with the Pittsburgh Symphony: Pittsburgh’s own Beauty Slap. I can’t express enough how excited I am for this collaboration. So far we have presented only mash-up shows, and indeed there will be another on January 27 (Copland + Bon […]

Dec 4

‘And I can see for miles…’

When I started writing Copland + Bon Iver, I was seeking a lyric that could anchor the piece or serve as a central theme the way “Nobody said it was easy” from “The Scientist” functioned in Beethoven + Coldplay. It turned out that I found several lines, but they did not end up serving as structurally as in […]

Nov 15

At the beginning, on the first time around…

The FUSE@PSO concert on March 9, 2016 will be something I am calling STRAVINSKY: REMIX|RESPONSE. It will be a live remix of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite — juxtaposed with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra playing the original Stravinsky will be remix vignettes that use segments of the Stravinsky treated using modern popular/DJ/electronica production techniques. In other words, during those […]

Nov 4