Concert Blog: It takes a Heinz Hall village

Heinz hall, Steinway Young Artist Pre-concert recital
The audience for the Steinway Young Artist Pre-concert recital in Heinz Hall
It has been a while since we have been here, and we miss our once much more frequent outings to Heinz Hall and the PIttsburgh Symphony Orchestra. The occasion today actually was not the Pittsburgh Symphony, but the young artists who were there for the pre-concert Steinway Young Artists recital. We knew two of the three young performers, and knew the third through mutual acquaintances, with a range of interactions over the years, both music and non-music. As we entered Heinz Hall we walked around the room, talking and laughing with families and wishing nervous performers and teachers well.

The program was entertaining. We enjoyed listening to Gigue by Bach. Over Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody and Chopin Polonaise, we discussed how these young performers have been growing over the years, and what they may be like in a few more years. Because it is a joy to see people grow, and to envision what paths they may take as they grow in the future.

When we look at our own children, we think of the many years between where they are now, and when they may be at the same stage in life as tonight’s young performers who had the opportunity to play in Heinz Hall tonight. And we think of the communities we are forming, with ourselves, and the families of others who are raising their children to take their place in this world, we look forward to the years to come.

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