After-Party DJ Set on April 15—Cameron Carpenter/Rachmaninoff/Shostakovich/Pittsburgh Symphony

Carpenter, Cameron_cr Thomas Grube_webGreat stuff happening, folks! The dynamic, maverick organ virtuoso Cameron Carpenter is appearing next weekend with the Pittsburgh Symphony, playing his own transcription of Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, on an organ of his own design. Music Director Manfred Honeck will then lead the PIttsburgh Symphony in Shostakovich’s incredible Tenth Symphony.

Following the performance on Friday, April 15, there is a FUSE-like after-party (which is included in the cost of your ticket) where I’ll be performing a DJ set — mixing Carpenter’s music and the Shostakovich symphony with pop, electronica and hip-hop.

Got started on the mix today, and here is a preview —mixing a track from Carpenter’s latest album If You Could Read My Mind (the 10th variation of DuPré’s Variations on a Noel for Organ) with Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks”:

Learn more about the concert or get your tickets (because you do not want to miss this) at

— Steve Hackman, Creative Director of FUSE@PSO |​ | @stereohideout 

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    Great Stuff

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