Where do you find these fantastic singers???

We have a fantastic trio of vocalists coming in to sing the Copland+Bon Iver at the January 27 FUSE@PSO concert. Two of them, Bill Prokopow (who performs as Will Post) and Kéren Tayár, you’ve seen before; Bill has sung in both the Brahms+Radiohead and Beethoven+Coldplay, and Kéren the former. Avery Leigh Draut will be making her premiere with the Pittsburgh Symphony on January 27.

Many people ask how I find these amazing artists. It’s my pleasure to talk a bit about them here.

In my undergraduate years at the University of Illinois, I sung in and directed an a cappella group called The Other Guys. After leaving to attend Curtis, I began hearing about a new freshman member of immense talent. That individual was Bill Prokopow. As soon as he graduated from U of I, we began collaborating on a number of projects together — indeed I was trying to recruit him even before he graduated. His gorgeous voice combined with stellar musicianship and production/composing/arranging abilities make him one of the most talented and versatile musicians I’ve ever known. For two years, we had a electro/acoustic duo called The Enright Hotel (this was the precursor to my :STEREO HIDEOUT: project). Here’s a peek:

And here’s an example of Bill’s solo project. You can also check Bill out on Facebook. Bill currently lives in Chicago.

I came across Kéren Tayár via a casting call I put out for the Brahms+Radiohead. To say I hit the jackpot with her would be an understatement; it was really owed to luck that she even saw the call. How glad I am that Brahms+Radiohead got her attention! Kéren and I realized we had some mutual friends once we met; she attended the Berklee school in Boston and lives in NYC. She is a multi-talented woman who sings, plays guitar, composes, models, you-name-it. She combines her wide array of musical interests and experiences (classical, jazz, musical theatre, pop) in a way that is truly unique. Here is a taste of her duo JUNGLE FIRES and her solo artist page.

Avery Leigh Draut is the newest member of the team; I found her via the same casting call as Kéren. Upon hearing her voice I knew she would be perfect for the style of the Copland+Bon Iver. Her vocal tone is perfectly gorgeous, as you will hear. It is remarkable that someone who can sing folk music in such an authentic way is also a trained opera singer — but that is Avery. She is also a songwriter, guitarist and actress, and graduated from the University of Georgia. Avery resides in Atlanta, and her current solo project is WANDA.

A pattern should be evident here…multi-discipline, multi-technique artists of highest caliber musicianship. Passionate lovers of music — classical, popular and everything in between. Professionals. CREATIVES.

Oh yeah…and good people. People you want to spend time with:

I look forward to sharing Bill, Kéren and Avery’s artistry with you on the 27, as they sing in the Copland+Bon Iver as well as collaborate with Beauty Slap!

— Steve Hackman, Creative Director of FUSE@PSO, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
www.pittsburghsymphony.org/fuse | www.stevehackman.com​ | @stereohideout 

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