Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Seeking Suggestions for ‘Night Before Christmas’ Narrator

PITTSBURGH – The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is seeking suggestions for a narrator for the reading of Clement C. Moore’s famous poem “’Twas the Night Before Christmas.” The poem will be read at the annual Highmark Holiday Pops concerts at Heinz Hall in December. To submit a suggestion of a prominent Pittsburgher, email PSOPops@pittsburghsymphony.org before Monday, October 6.

27 Responses to “Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Seeking Suggestions for ‘Night Before Christmas’ Narrator”

  1. Mike Mazur says:

    “The Beard” Brett Keisel. He read a poem at a Martina McBride Christmas concert at the Benedum a few years ago. Did a great job. It was funny, yet serious too!

  2. Tracy Horne says:

    years ago I was involved in a reading that several persons read the story…so more than one would be way cool…
    I love Stacey Smith, David Johnson, Andrew Bell…and Mike Seabeck…how stinking fun would it be…or the DVE morning crew…

  3. Joyce DeFrancesco says:

    Great suggestions everyone! Please send any more to PSOPops@pittsburghsymphony.org. Thanks!

  4. Laurie Cunningham says:

    Jim Cunningham from WQED-FM…he read it every Christmas Eve when Jimmy was little and it always worked…as he was finishing the last pages we could hear the sleigh bells up on the roof and Jimmy would dash off to bed. 🙂

  5. Sue LaDuke says:

    Contact Tim Hartman. He had a long history with the Pittsburgh Musical Theater. Tim Hartman is your man!!

  6. Harvey Kart says:

    Tim Hartman would be incredible.

  7. Harvey Kart says:

    Tim Hartman would be awesome.

  8. Theresa Gtto says:

    Tim Hartman would be a wonderful narrator!!!!!!!!!

  9. Amy DiSanto says:

    Tim Hartman… would be amazing. We love every show he has ever been in.

  10. Norma alrutz says:

    Tim Hartman would definitely be the best man for this job!

  11. Megan Gannon says:

    Tim Hartman. He’d be perfect.

  12. Nina m Lyons says:

    No one in this city has a better or more expressive voice than Tim Hartman. Lots of us love him and he has my vote!

  13. Dave Schrecengost says:

    Local actor Tim Hartman would deliver an astounding rendition.

  14. David McKibben says:

    Clint Hurdle, the Pirate manager. The perfect Holiday party guest.

  15. Bonnie Pichora says:

    I’ve heard Tim Hartman tell his stories on fb and at several events telling stories to children and adults. He is awesome! I recommend Tim Hartman

  16. Janice E. Bollman-Trout says:

    Tim Hartman would be a fantastic choice. He was made for this role!

  17. Martin Miller says:

    The best man for the job, hands down….Tim Hartman.

  18. Rebecca Stevens says:

    Tim Hartman! Not only is he an extremely talented actor and storyteller, he is a delight to work with!

  19. Jeff Ingram says:

    Tim Hartman is a good choice.

  20. Scharie Arbogast says:

    Tim Hartman all the way no one else will do !

  21. Lynne Spat says:

    I think Tim Hartmann would be the man for the job.

  22. Toni Schlemmer says:

    Tim Hartman! Tim Hartman!! Tim Hartman!!!
    He is an gifted actor, storyteller with a most mellifluous voice!!

  23. Miss Pennsylvania USA 2014 says:

    Tim Hartman is the perfect narrator! #teamTim

  24. Kathryn Kramer says:

    Tim Hartman!

  25. Dave Toole says:

    TIM HARTMAN!!! Perfect voice for the job!

  26. Christine Laitta says:

    I would be honored to do this gig! I could even do it in Pittsburgh-esse!

  27. Leigh Steiner says:

    I am absolutely in tears at the beauty of Yo-Yo Ma & the Pittsburgh Symphony tonight as he played with them in “Once Upon A Time” – He even played an encore that he said he did not know, but as always, he played masterfully. I am a violin student in Sarasota, FL, but I always wanted to play cello – Yo-Yo Ma is my absolute idol (BTW, I am 68 years old!). Long live the wonderful Pittsburgh Symphony!

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