Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Announces EQT/Giant Eagle Foundation Challenge Grant


PITTSBURGH—With achieving a balanced budget as a top priority for the next two years, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra recently received some help to achieve that goal. EQT, Inc. and Giant Eagle Foundation have united to issue a $600,000 challenge grant in which they will match 50 cents on every new or increased dollar raised for the Pittsburgh Symphony.

“When community partners, such as EQT and Giant Eagle Foundation, recognize and support the value of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, it raises awareness of how important the arts are to the health of a region,” says James Wilkinson, president and CEO of the Pittsburgh Symphony. “Current and future supporters of this long-standing jewel in Pittsburgh’s art community will now have a unique opportunity to magnify their gifts’ impact. The potential of this incentive is tremendous.”

The EQT/Giant Eagle Foundation challenge will apply to all new and increased donations received during the next two fiscal years. The challenge applies to gifts to any fund or activity at the Pittsburgh Symphony, from the Annual Fund to the endowment to funding commemorative bricks or seats.

“EQT is proud to be part of the Pittsburgh community and support institutions like the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra which enhance both our region and its reputation across the world,” says Steven Schlotterbeck, senior vice president and president, exploration and production. “This gift allows us to maintain our support of the Pittsburgh Symphony while encouraging and inspiring others to do the same. It’s a win-win for us.”

“The best gift is one that enables the institution to use it to leverage additional support,” says David Shapira, executive chairman of the Board of Directors of Giant Eagle Inc. “The Giant Eagle Foundation is excited to be a part of this challenge, which is aimed at inspiring Pittsburghers to support the Pittsburgh Symphony, a vital cultural institution and a community point of pride. We are proud of our hometown and happy to play a role in making it an even better place to live.”

To make a gift to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, visit www.pittsburghsymphony.org or call 412-392-4880.


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