Setting the stage for Handel’s Messiah: A time lapse video

Setting the stage for Handel’s Messiah:  A time lapse video

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9 thoughts on “Setting the stage for Handel’s Messiah: A time lapse video”

  • This is wonderful and makes me very excited about seeing this production. So glad I got my tickets early!!

  • Wow, this looks like it is going to be amazing. I hope to see many of my fellow Duquesne alums at the Friday evening performance.

  • I’m very excited to see and hear what I imagine will be an extraordinarily amazing expertience.

  • This year’s performance of the Messiah was totally shocking and offensive to me. To have the choir disrobing during the Hallelujah chorus was the epitomy of disrespect for the majestic music. I was unable to watch the second part of the music after watching drunken Santas sing “Behold the Lamb of God” while couples were lying on the floor of the stage simulating sex. I closed my eyes and tried to only hear the music. The party of four of us walked out in disgust after the end of the second part.
    I will not be returning to Heinz Hall for any performances in the near future, if this is considered acceptable.
    Unfortunately, I will have the images of this performance burned into my memory when I hear music that I have loved from my childhood.
    I never thought I would see the day. I don’t make a habit of either walking out on a performance or writing reviews, but this really struck a chord in me.

  • Forgive me for being honest and telling this like it was from the audience. Never Have I been so appalled by a performance in my life. No I was no alone. People walked out! What were they thinking? Did OWS write this or did they just take over the minds of the choreographer?

    What were they thinking? At first I was a bit perplexed as it opened. Why was this staged in in old immigration office? Oh that was soon to be revealed quite dramatically by the obvious political bent of whoever.

    First act progressed rather slowly with the voices hampered by the odd positions of the chorus but the orchestra was only OK. Things really got bazaar at one point where the chorus broke out in to what looked to me like a line of tap dancers holding large candy canes for canes. If that wasn’t shocking enough just wait till act two.

    When act two opened I expected a scene from the Dawn of the Dead and it almost met that expectation. There were drunks laying all over the stage and get this, Two drunken Santa’s in wife beaters! If you don;t know what those are, they are sleeveless tee shirts. But it got better as the drunken party goers fought, one even vomited on stage and then left the stage. Enter stage right a man and a woman entered with a small boy and they were the cleaning crew. Well actually they were, believe it or not, illegal aliens. Of course you guessed it, enter stage left the evil immigration police who took the man into one back room. We of course witnessed them beating him in the shadows. He was spread like Jesus on the cross. Not to be outdone stage right another evil immigration officer enters and drags the women into another room and obviously rapes her. This leaves to poor child alone on the stage. But don’t worry stage right again enters liberal soccer mom and hugs the child and hides him from the evil immigration police who beat and raped his parents. She throws away a baby into the trash that was suppose to represent baby Jesus. Now in case you did not get the symbolism. the man was Jesus and the police later enter and wrap and drag his body away as Mary Magdalin weeps after her rape scene. It gets better… it’s morning now and people are milling around and fighting and talking on their cell phones. Now enter the evil immigration police who opened up on the crowd with m16’s. Not to worry though a hippie comes to the rescue and wait for this… places flowers in their gun barrels. The hippie then takes away the guns and the crowd goes into the Hallelujah chorus.

    Now please forgive me I might have had some of this out of sequence but like some of those around me mentioned out loud! I closed my eyes so that I could hear the music undisturbed by the political nonsense that had taken over this fine institution.

    I’ll go on to act three. Believe me it did not get better. This scene was the immigration facility again about 100 years ago. Some people were called and got through others were held back because they were sick. Oh how unfair! not to allow diseased people from third world countries to enter into a country that could not care for them. Well don’t worry in the end that poor but the soccer mom who saved from the evil immigration police that beat and raped his parents shows up in the past. He of course rises above the crowds and unites all of the peoples and they live happily ever after…

    Now I am serious about this, while the crowd did not like it, they were polite. I heard not one praise from the audience which makes me beleive that all of the people who praised this performance were relative of the performers.

    Seriously I have been to this performance many time in the past. This is while it was true to its roots. However someone has taken it apon themselves to rewrite history and put their politics in the middle of what was always a joyous occasion for all. By the way I was accompanied by a friend who is as liberal as they come and they were appalled also. However at $150 for seats we were determined to stick it out.

    What I am most sorry about is how the visions of this poor performance of the Occupy Pittsburgh Group has ruined the music for me. As I returned who we played the Messiah on the CD player and I assure you there was no comparison. I hope in time if I do that repeatedly it will erase this performance from my memory.

    Where my a write for a refund?

  • This is my daughter’s website . I am a former member and soloist with Mendelssohn Choir. I am outraged beyond belief!! This is a sacrilege that has taken place at my beloved Heinz Hall where I performed many times. People I worked with like Henry Mazer, William Steinberg & others would never have believed that such desecration could take place in our beloved city of Pittsburgh. And how about Handel himself…. and others that have written such glorious sacred music….I am so distressed…I am speechless. I will never go there for any concerts now or in the future. Why did these musicians consent to being part of the desecration of music to proclaim the glories of Christmas!! I will never understand….

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