We begin in Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden, “Meadow Baths”. This area has been known since before Roman times for its natural hot springs. Around 1900 the area had become a real Go-To destination for Europe’s rich and famous, and Goethe, Dostoevsky, Brahms, and Wagner were among the many who flocked here for the soothing waters. The opulence of the era is reflected in the Kurhaus, gilded and decorated and ready for tonight’s PSO performance.
For an interactive panorama of the Kurhaus, click here!

Wine is made here, so the vines and fruit are well represented on the gold screens behind the orchestra:

Instrument trunks spread impressively down a long corridor, its arches and floor reminiscent of an Escher print:

Oboist Jim Gorton sits in the hall, preparing reeds for tonight’s performance. Repertoire, altitude, weather, acoustics all have an effect on oboe reeds, and players must be able to make last minute adjustments to compensate for these variables. Jim has a set of extremely sharp knives which he uses to scrape off minute areas of the cane reed to make these changes.

Clarinettist Michael Rusinek chats with a colleague in the dressing room after rehearsal in Wiesbaden:

Violin soloist Anne-Sophie Mutter smiles with Manfred Honeck as the orchestra tunes during rehearsal:

Suitcases have gone out tonight, tomorrow is a train ride to Hamburg and another concert!

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