2 down, 10 to go!

Greetings from Hamburg, Germany, where tonight, we played our second of 12 concerts here in Europe. The orchestra wrapped up our short stay in Wiesbaden with a concert last night and took a train ride to Hamburg this morning. Tonight was the orchestra’s first tour performance of Mahler’s fifth symphony, and along with stunning performances by Maestra Mütter, Hamburg heard the orchestra at it’s best!

I had the opportunity after the concert last night to attend a reception sponsored by BNY Mellon. I had a great time meeting some people who came to the concert from Frankfurt (about a 30 minute drive to Wiesbaden), and they asked some great questions about our concert programming, and they were curious about what kind of a city Pittsburgh was. It was fun bragging about our great city back home. One gentleman commented on how lucky Pittsburgh is to have an orchestra like ours.

Tomorrow we head to Vilnius, Lithuania. Thanks for reading!

My view from the trumpet section:


Percussionists Andy Reamer and Jeremy Branson and trumpeter Chuck Lirette, relaxing before the concert tonight:


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