Final Thoughts from Philadelphia

Good Morning All,

As the symphony prepares to leave the city of brotherly love, I wanted to share with you first the recap of our show last night, and also my overall impressions of the tour.

Last night’s concert was an exciting event in many , many ways. First of all, Martin Short was electrifying! I had read in the press clippings about his performances that he liked to improvise, but boy does he let it all hang out. There were jokes and schtick in the concert that didn’t appear in rehearsal, and it took all of our concentration to make sure we didn’t miss our cues. I have to say that we didn’t make them all. However, I’m not sure if it was the heat, or the humidity, but there was an atmosphere on stage that produces this attitude that allows us to just keep going, smile, and have a good time anyway.

Mr. Short was followed by an act that rankled the musicians, first and foremost because of an extended rant about classical music, calling it a two hour nap opportunity, referencing our concert the night before. Perhaps Mr. Nadler was napping, however we on stage were working I can’t say the same for his act.

At any rate, the evening closed with the perfectly lovely voice of Mr. Brian Stokes Mitchell. From the opening bars of Some Enchanted Evening, both the audience and the orchestra were drawn in by his rich baritone voice. We made it through to the end, despite one number being cut that the orchestra wasn’t aware of. The crowd was appreciative, and we all climbed into the busses happy to have successfully completed our two concerts at he Mann.

Overall, I would say that this trip was very successful, I hope that we can return to Philadelphia soon. The orchestra had a wonderful time, and gave great concerts. That always makes me happy.

See you in Pittsburgh

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