Variations on a theme by Prokofiev

Peter and the Wolf had a distinctly Pittsburgh theme this weekend past, performed by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Leonard Slatkin and narrated wonderfully by David Conrad. I’ve never seen Mr Conrad on TV, but in person, he did a great job narrating the Peter and the Wolf, especially with the variations which included some of the following:


  • Penndot
  • Doppler Radar
  • Traffic on Greentree Hill
  • Most livable pond (for the duck)
  • ‘Yins can’t flap
  • Leaving Lawn Chairs to reserve parking space
  • Cat named U.P.M.C
  • Meadow – near Cleavland
  • Orange traffic cones
  • Steeler Man
  • Scratch my back with a hacksaw
  • Double Yoy
  • Blond woman reporter on the scene
  • 15 yard penalty
  • Empty bankrupt IC beer cans
  • Still haven’t gotten over the Superbowl
  • Tail-gating parties
  • Father was Charlie Sheen
  • Sitting on a natural gas bonanza
  • Sick and tired of the whole Frackin’ mess

It was very humorous, and the music by the symphony was delightful.

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