PSO Pictures on a Christmas Tree

This is the Christmas tree at Heinz Hall:

While waiting for the start of the Verdi Requiem (which I really liked, btw), I took my own photos of the framed pictures that adorn the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Christmas tree. Click on the image to see a larger view. Who can name all these events? I think the top left picture is the PSO performing before the Pope. And the bottom left looks to me to be PSO performing at the Musikverein in Vienna. The top right reads ‘PROMS’ – is that in London? And of course Heinz Hall is below that. Anyone know the rest? Leave a comment if you do.

After the concert while exiting, I was pleased to meet Joanne Rogers. I knew that she was a pianist herself, having heard her music played on WQED-FM on several occasions.

And here I am taking pictures

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Always enjoy your blog and photographs, Doug! Such unique perspective and creative expression! Keep them coming, please!

  2. Doug Bauman says:

    Thanks Rhonda for your comments. It’s always nice to have feedback and know that people are reading and enjoying the blog. I’ll do my best to keep them coming.

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