We’re here!

Coming to you live from Basel, Switzerland…

After approximately 19 hours of travel time, we pulled up to the hotel this afternoon at around 5:30pm in Basel.  We flew into Frankfurt, and then took a bus to Basel — about a 4 hour bus trip.  Imagine flying into Pittsburgh after an 8.5 hour flight, and then taking a bus to Washington, D.C.! But it’s great to be here, and my colleagues seem in good spirits.

I heard a few of them talk about taking a run tomorrow in three countries — apparently there is a route which takes you through France, Germany, and of course here in Switzerland, in about 45 minutes.

Tomorrow, I am traveling with my section-mate Neal Berntsen to the trumpet museum in Bad Sackingen, known as “The Trumpeter’s City”.  It’s a short train ride to the museum (the only trumpet museum that I know of in the world), so I will be sure to get some pictures to share.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading!

1 thought on “We’re here!”

  • Fascinating! I bet the trip will be terrific, I’ve heard Mr. Berntsen saying to “never miss an opportunity to visit The Trumpeter’s City.” That’ll be incredible, I’m sure.

    Question: Will you be going on the run? From what I understand, you are not only an expert in playing low trumpet parts, you also excel as a distance runner! Is this true?

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