Frankfurt, Alte Oper

I must at this time go ahead and post this before it becomes out-dated, I’ll take my licks when they come! Also I’ve got to say that a true highlight of this tour has been having the privilege of listening to our PSO strings (and winds) play the 3rd Movement of the Shostakovich 5. In rehearsal the people who are tacet tend to flee the stage for a little extra time……but on tour, the only time we play this is basically in performance so we’re all on stage whether we’re tacet or not. Hearing the musicianship and the wonderful emotion of Shostakovich as performed by our string sections and Manfred Honeck is profound. It has become my favorite movement of the piece and the repeated highlight of the tour. I’m very proud and honored to work with such a terrific group of people (our strings ROCK).


6 thoughts on “Frankfurt, Alte Oper”

  • Thanks Bob! What a beautiful concert hall. We are all so proud of you. I do have to admit that I miss hearing you all rehearse and look forward to Beethoven 9 and Mahler 3 when you return! Good luck in Budapest!

  • Believe me….we miss you too! Feels like we’ve been away from home forever. We’re looking forward to Beethoven 9 and Mahler 3 too……just hope we are recovered enough to achieve the kind of results Pittsburgh deserves!! Thanks for the kind words of encouragement!

  • Just watched it – great to see the shot of Maestro Honeck doing his hand shaking gesture to the orchestra when you give him your applause – it looks amazing!

  • I really like that music in your video, what is it?

    “Dem Wahren, Schönen, Guten” on the Alte Oper, Frankfurt/Main — to the true beautiful good — a.k.a the Pittsburgh Symphony 🙂

  • Bob, I liked what you had to say just before this video about listening to the strings and winds, the emotion of Shostakovich, and the connection between Maestro Honeck & musicians.. Yes, yes!! That is excellent and makes all the difference. IN the video I really liked the footage of Ax, Kelly, and Honeck talking and laughing a the podium. Sweet. Some good photo opportunities in there. 🙂 Thanks

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