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Day Off in Frankfurt

Seven days down and twelve more to go! What a privilege it has been to perform for packed houses and enthusiastic audiences.

Before Frankfurt, we spent about 18 hours in Paris — and I got to do a small amount of sight-seeing, including the majestic Eiffel Tower! (sorry about the lighting — the sun was in and out of the clouds!)

Thank you all for reading our blogs! We hope you’ve enjoyed getting a small taste of what we’ve been up to!

3 Responses to “Day Off in Frankfurt”

  1. Kevin says:

    Chad – where do you all practice while you’re on tour…or do you practice?

  2. Doug Bauman says:

    The last time I saw Paris … was 1982, and it still looks impressive.

    Even a dark photo is better than none, it brings a better sense to those of us stuck back home 🙂

  3. Chad Winkler says:

    Kevin, we mostly practice in the hotel rooms. Usually, they’re pretty safe, but I have heard stories about angry non-PSO neighbors! I think for the most part we keep the “noise” to a minimum outside of normal hours — nothing too late or too early.

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