Beethoven’s grave in Vienna

This is a guest video blog from PSO cellist Mikhail Istomin.

Misha went to a famous cemetery in Vienna and visited the graves of Beethoven, Czerny, Johann Strauss and Brahms among others.

Thanks Misha!! Great job making this video!


8 Responses to “Beethoven’s grave in Vienna”

  1. Lawrence Loh says:

    Thanks to Misha for making this video – I only posted it to the site!

  2. Lauren Vermilion says:

    What a beautiful video!! Thanks for sharing your visit with all of us back in the states!

  3. Shannon says:

    What a beautiful cemetery! Thanks for sharing.

  4. ld says:

    Great job Misha!! I enjoyed the nostalgic mood, lingering shots and Beethoven’s music wafting through! ….too bad Freud was not buried in Vienna….

  5. Al says:

    Thank you Misha! The music set was a great touch when coupled with the stillness and solitude of the cemetary

  6. Doug Bauman says:

    I feel like I was actually there.

  7. Tom and Joyce says:

    Beautiful mood and lovely playing. We saw this cemetery when we visited Vienna. It was wonderful to see it again, especially with that glorious musical background.

  8. Hi

    Why do they put potatoes on Beethoven’s graveiste on his birthday? Or is this a wise tale. Thanks.

    Scott Clarkson

    Dublin, Ohio

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