Cirque de la Symphonie!

To talk about Cirque de la Symphonie is to use words like AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, MESMERIZING, AWE-INSPIRING, CRAZY, WHOA, WHAT THE?, ARE YOU SERIOUS?, EEEEE!

But really, it’s one of those shows that you really HAVE to be there for.  I can’t begin to describe the Cube act or the Strongmen act.  It’d be like describing Beethoven to a deaf man! (That was deep, and somewhat ironic…considering Beethoven did actually go deaf…)

The true artistry in Cirque de la Symphonie, though (what I think, at least) is the relationship between the acts and the music.  You might think that an aerialist can do her routine to anything, and while that might be true, there really is a difference when that music is so in sync with the performance.  It becomes something else entirely.  (Again, it’s one of those things you just have to take my word for; you really need to see the performance.)

Anyway, during intermission, I had a frank talk with my best friend about how great shows like Cirque de la Symphonie are.  They draw in a brand new audience to classical music and they play really really user-friendly, popular pieces that make everyone happy.  It’s the perfect entry into the classical music world.  I was so excited by the idea, but then my wise friend said that there can’t be a “visual” to every symphony show and that people who go to the symphony often might be really annoyed listening to the pop-classical as opposed to the rare gems.

So….quite the pickle.  What do you think?

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