Mixing Metaphors – Doug Bauman

Brahms second piano concerto is just fabulous; while listening to the PSO led by conductor Gianandrea Noseda and performed brilliantly by pianist Jonathan Biss I was thinking of metaphors for the music. From the first movement on I thought of birds, what better representation for soaring, lifting gliding, and generally observing the radiance of the music, and hearing the songs around, then to think of this metaphor with this concerto. It eventually led me to poetry.

Durable notes, shedding impatient grandeur,
and when they, upon their wings, do soar –
I see eloquent shades uplifting, enveloping uproar,
Mixing metaphors, my heart can hurt no more.
I rise, I fly, I glide well high,
my effort, little and with subtle tilt of wings,
climbs over her visage, her sight slightly cries,
swiftly gained yet gainsaid shadows bring
me crashing back to transient sighs.
Rejecting doubt, rather, believing in love,
Radiant, enveloping, completely without abandon.
Heed pure words offered with honest candor,
Eloquence comes rarely, as the wings of a dove,
genuine sincerity is offered up once more.

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  • Nice, The Brahms 2nd piano concerto is as high quality as music can get, or at least could at the time it was written.
    Brahms is so rich in musical and literary meaning. I’ve been listening to his works frequently for about 8 years now and I’m only just beginning to pick up on some more subtle meanings in the music.

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