PSO at Carnegie Hall, Concert Reviews

Pittsburgh Brings New York 2 Staples
New York Times

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra delivers masterful work at Carnegie Hall
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Honeck hits high notes in Carnegie Hall conducting debut
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

1 thought on “PSO at Carnegie Hall, Concert Reviews”

  • New York Times: “But overall new and recent works do not appear to be a top priority.
    There is no one way to run an American orchestra. Mr. Honeck may be giving Pittsburgh music lovers the kind of programming and playing they want. ”
    My 13 year old daughter may prefer Lady Gaga, but I’ll take Tchaikovsky, Mahler and Beethoven any day! New music is nice, but young people eager to explore a symphony are not going to go because of the kind of work the New York Times is advocating. They are going to go to hear the absolute best from a world class symphony orchestra. I believe they will be best persuaded by the PSO and the classics. The tried and true approach works for a reason, please, PSO, opt away 🙂
    Honeck’s approach to the classics is fresh, and as with the Titan, and also with Mozart’s Requiem, I believe the PSO is bringing newness to these wonderful classical repertoire that they present so well.

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