Photos – Slatkin, Bates and Danielpour at Heinz Hall – Doug Bauman

I read in a review by the New York Times that the PSO’s program seems to some how be lacking in new music…. Well I’m not sure their definition, but judging by the evening’s performance, there were two new pieces, one by Danielpour who we’ve seen several times this season, and an amazing Techno fusion with the orchestra and the composer Mason Bates playing ‘Electronica’ which could hardly be called anything but new music, something very close to popular culture, yet not lacking in interesting symphonic elements.

I was very pleased with the new music. There were quite an array of instruments here this evening (see some below). There was this large drum which I suppose made a storm like sound for the ‘Liquid Interface’ composition, and there was a washboard, played very interestingly, and there were even multiple glasses filled with water – the musician played it by running his wet finger along the edge!
There was also Bernstein’s On the Town, and finally, Gershwin’s An American in Paris, how could I go wrong?
It was nice to see Leonard Slatkin return and I’m glad he is as energetic as ever.

Leonard Slatkin, conductor
Mason Bates: ‘Liquid Interface’
Richard Danielpour: ‘Pastime’
Post concert chat

Video Harp on display at Heinz Hall
Finger tracking and gesture interpretation software
Paul McAvinney and Dr. Joe Newcomer
Produced by the Sensor Frame Corp, Pittsburgh 1991
Presented for the PSO by Joe Newcomer
Various instruments used for the concerts this evening
javadoug standing at the banister at Heinz Hall
Young artists in the lobby before the concert
The moon, before the concert 🙂

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