A Return to Music – Jennifer McGuiggan

My relationship with music began in the fourth grade when I chose the flute for the school band. I stuck with it all the way until high school graduation. Along the way I dabbled with the piano and even had a brief stint with the trumpet in the middle school jazz band. (The latter was particularly interesting since I had braces at the time. Even if you've never pressed your lips against a brass instrument's mouthpiece with metal grommets attached to the front of your teeth, you can imagine the challenges.) Singing was my real musical love, and I sang in choirs into college. By then I'd set aside the flute and trumpet, but continued to flirt with the piano and picked up that staple of college campuses everywhere: the acoustic guitar.

Today, I still sing, but mostly in the car. It's been years since I've really played an instrument. The piano sits untuned and silent at my parents' house; the flute needs some serious TLC; the guitar has a broken bridge and needs new strings; and the trumpet was a rental. But there is an antique horn in the closet and a brand new violin sitting in its case in my spare bedroom just waiting for someone to learn it and love it. I used to attend concerts all the time. Lately it's been more of an annual event. Over the last year I've realized that I really miss the beauty of live music in my life — hearing it, as well as making it.

I'm not sure what the future holds for my own music making, but I'm looking forward to reconnecting with music through the performances of the PSO. Stay tuned to see how the adventure unfolds.

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