Pops Preview: Acrobats, Beatles and Marvin Hamlisch – Jennifer Pizzuto

Some random quotes from the Pops preview concert on Tuesday evening: “Yes, Calvin Coolidge is dead;” “That cereal looks really good—you kids need to learn how to share;” and of course, the classic, “I wanted to be an acrobat, but the PSO’s insurance won’t cover it.”  I guess last night’s show was like a box of chocolates…never mind.

I was tweeting like a fiend yesterday during the concert because, yes, I am that obnoxious chick who is too self-important to turn off her BlackBerry.  Actually, I was creating Twitter feed about the goings-on in the Pittsburgh Pops world, as I did this summer during Video Games Live (which was a wonderful show, by the way—I was inspired to dust off my Nintendo and save the Princess again).  Even if you couldn’t be at Heinz Hall Tuesday night, you could still live vicariously through me (@snark_princess).  If that’s something you’d actually desire.   I really love the fact that the PSO is embracing the Twitter-verse and allowing me to tweet my eccentric ramblings during the show.  I hope that they’ll allow me to do so again for future concerts.

Speaking of future concerts, this season looks to be wildly entertaining.  And guess who will be visiting Heinz Hall in October?  It’s none other than Shirley Jones…and my heart screams, “Mama!”  I’ve always secretly wished that she would adopt me and help me form a groovy pop band; I’ll settle instead for seeing her in the Pops’ version of The Music Man.

We were treated to a taste of everything that’s forthcoming in this year’s Pops season.  I am eagerly anticipating the Beatles Medley show, and of course, the Holiday Pops concert. Also on tap this season is the intriguing Cirque de la Symphonie.  There are going to be dancers and acrobats and contortionists—I’m so in.  Vocalist Gary Mauer treated us to spectacular versions of “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera and “This is the Moment” from Jekyll and Hyde, both songs were preludes to February’s best of Broadway performance.  Maybe there will be some Mamma Mia mixed in, as well?  Please?

And by the way, Marvin Hamlisch—as amazingly talented as you are musically, I don’t have much confidence in your abilities as an acrobat.  But I’d love to be proven wrong.

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