“Mr. Honeck, I *Heart* You!” – Jennifer Pizzuto

It’s a bit like a bad joke, really:  A certain pig-tailed blogger is walking down Penn Ave. when she happens to pass PSO Music Director Manfred Honeck.  Given that said blogger has absolutely zero tact and lacks any sense of social protocol, she immediately rushes up to Mr. Honeck and starts babbling incoherently about how she’s “such a fan” and that he is “so very talented.”  Mr. Honeck is slightly taken aback, but recovers in eloquent style and promises to read the humble ramblings of his starry-eyed, albeit slightly frightening, admirer.

And speaking of admirers, it seems to be well-known that I am certainly not a fan of Mozart.  When I attended the PSO blogger reception (and it was fabulous to have met my fellow bloggers—you’re all amazing individuals!), David DeAngelo jokingly asked for my thoughts on Mozart’s Concerto No. 24 in C minor, to which I immediately responded with my Mozart growl.  I’ve battled with Mozart for the final time this season, though I think it’s safe to say that we’ve called a truce.  I believe that I am one of the few soulless people who trend upon our lovely Earth who is untouched by (and slightly annoyed with) Mozart.  Having said that, I must admit—I really enjoyed the C minor Piano Concerto.  It sounded deeper, had a greater breadth, than his other airy-fairy compositions.  The concerto was darker and bolder, with flecks of light sprinkled in, instead of the reverse…less carbs and more substance.  Yefim Bronfman was absolutely superb on the piano, the perfect exercise routine for the eradication of any lingering empty calories.

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 in A major was spectacular.  Beethoven always pushes my happy button.  I adorned a silly smile for the duration of the performance and I am thrilled that next year’s schedule is Beethoven-rich.  This season is winding down, and I have to say that I am truly honored to have been able to experience it.  This was my first exposure to the PSO and it has become one of the loves of my life (second only, perhaps, to Starbucks Coffee).  I feel as though I have been enriched from my symphonic experiences, and I am eagerly anticipating the 2010 season.

And lastly, kudos to Honeck, yet again, for his resoundingly successful inaugural season.  I know I’ve said this in the past, but each time I’ve watched Honeck conduct, I’ve truly felt a sense of admiration and awe.  I can’t wait to experience what he has planned for us all next season!  (And by the way, the 2010 is on the website—check it out.)  And hopefully Honeck will still allow me to enter Heinz Hall.

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